Our Story

When we moved to our idyllic block of land on the outskirts of Wellington we became foodies, and err, drinkies... drinkers... wineys?  winos?

Anyhoo, We started to make our own drinks from locally available ingredients as part of our desire to live closer connected to the land, be less dependent on others, have a smaller footprint, and a bigger group of friends.

We'll have stuff to bargain with when the end of the world as we know it comes.  Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse, we have stuff to sterilize your wounds and make you not care about the brain eating monsters outside the window.  Ahem, I mean, we have plenty to cater for the next family wedding drinks list, including the soft options, all fermented right here at home.

We're strong believers in sharing knowledge and skills, so we've turned our brewing passion into an education business.  We look forward to showing you how to brew your own fermented drinks too.  And no, they don't all need to be alcoholic.  We brew healthy options for 'soda pop' or fizzy drink replacements that taste fantastic and do good things for your gut too.  Fun for all the family.

persimmon juice

Our Approach

Brewing is easy, if you don't get caught up in all that science blah-blah.  While we are geeks, and know a lot of that science blah-blah, we don't let it get in the way of brewing a good drop of something to quench the thirst.  It's easy, it's fun, and it can be made from just about anything.

We've done a (quite a) few brews over the years, and we've simplified them down from complicated recipes involving eye of newt and other such hard-to-obtain ingredients to stuff you have at the supermarket or your garden.  We've read all the books old and new so you don't need to.  We've taught a number of people just like you to brew, and all are amazed at how simple we've made it for them to understand things they assumed to be difficult.

We don't think brewing needs to be as complicated as some make it out to be.  If complex is your thrill though, well, all power to you - the world needs folks like you, but it's not our goal here at IntoBrews.  We'd rather be enjoying the product than stressing over the process, so we'll show you the basics of how to make good, reliable brews in the simplest possible ways.


Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team

Who are the people who are tantalizing your taste buds?  Who are the fermenting family who want to teach you all the arcane secrets?  Why are we uniquely positioned to do so?


Jackie Thomas-Teague

Soft Option Specialist

Jackie became interested in fermenting when food intolerance became something that didn't just happen to other people.  A bit of research suggested we all need more diversity in our microbiome (the tiny critters in our guts that work hard to keep us healthy) and a good way to get it is through fermented food and drinks.  Combine that with planting an orchard and wanting to have diverse ways to preserve the harvest, and you have a recipe for brewing success.  Oh, and Jackie's also a pretty good cook when the mood takes her, which helps in figuring out why a recipe works or doesn't.


Alister Christie

Brew Master

Alister found his life revolving a bit too much around the virtual world when his career and hobby were the same thing, so it was definitely a good time to develop other interests, and what better than having a few social lubricants to get this computer hermit out of his shell?

Alister has a fondness for dessert wines, so expect his creations to be sticky, and as sweet as he is.  He's also keen on dark and bitter beers, almost the opposite of his fruit wine creations.

Alister loves brewing for an occasion, and also to give away to friends and family, who never refuse a bottle of his sweet fruity wines or bitter beers.


Daniel Christie

Filming Buff

Daniel has been training his whole life to make film, with regular entries into Wellington's 48 Hour Film Festival among other achievements.

Daniel has an appreciation for a variety of brews and is always willing to try something new.  On Sunday nights it is common to find Daniel introducing Alister to something new and unusual he's drinking.

Daniels direction and superb equipment is the basis for our excellent online courses.

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