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Become a brewer at home

Get instant access to IntoBrews lessons on how to create your own brews* (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) here.

Easy to download, easy to follow, we'll have you up and brewing in no time.

Includes downloadable recipes and tips and tricks, as well as a jargon dictionary to help you understand the concepts and techniques discussed.

You can watch and re-watch until you have the confidence to do it yourself.

We'll teach you the essentials such as hygiene in your brewing area, various ways to prepare fruit for brewing, introduction to yeasts including taming the wild ones, how to tell if your brew is done, bottling and storing.  We're pretty sure you'll work out the drinking bit all by yourself.

You'll be taught all the skills you need to produce a drink that will have your friends go from 'Will it make me go blind?' to 'Actually, this is really good'.

Life of the party!

(*Warning:  chance of becoming a brewing bore.  No refunds on new found passion for discussing the intricacies of brewing to anyone who will stand still long enough).


Fun, practical, take-aways!

Come for the lesson, stay for the experience.  These in-person courses make a great event for a group of friends.

Consider it for a buck or hens event a few months before the special occasion, and brew all the drinks for the wedding.  A wonderful bonding experience for a group of friends or family members and enjoy an occasion to remember.

Courses  are 3 hours long and cover around 4 - 7 different drinks (your customised selection).  Have a self-catered BBQ before or afterwards enjoying the landscape of our beautiful farm.

Brews we've helped people make include fruit wines (kiwifruit, plum, persimmon, apricot, strawberry, feijoa, blueberry... the list goes on), Apple or pear cider, Mead, Ginger beer, kombucha, Fruit Fizz (Rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, elderflower...), water kefir and more.  We can even help get you started on that kit beer you've been thinking about.

You get: 3 hours of in-person interactive instruction, downloads of recipes and bottling instructions, all the brews we make on the day (including vessels and airlocks for reuse), and all the knowledge you need to carry on brewing.

No minimum group size, maximum of 15 people, enquire for pricing.


Going it alone?

Try soft brews:  Want to try great kombucha, unpasteurized and unfiltered? Want other fermented soft-drinks to feed your gut? Want delicious and not-so-bad for you sweet drinks?

Try hard brews: Have a hankering for exotic fruit wines you can't get anywhere else?  Want some real cider made from heritage apples, not the fizzy fruity mass produced stuff?  Want to buy locally made, support the local economy, and the environment?

Ready to brew? Want to get the equipment to do it yourself?  Whether you are after a basic, getting started kit, or all the kit and kaboodle, here's the place you'll find it.

Prefer a physical DVD of the lessons and a hardcopy of notes rather than a download?

Want to quench your thirst for knowledge with books and other information on the topic?

Here's where you can get all that.  Click the icon to go through to our online store.


We encourage responsible drinking

No-one likes a messy or angry drunk.  Don't be that guy or gal.

Be a responsible drinker (and host) and keep it fun, not ugly, by:

  • Having sufficient food available, ready to eat, and drink on a full stomach
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic options to drink - helps pace drinking to appropriate levels and reduce hangovers
  • Have a sober driver, or reliable Uber or taxi service available
  • Don't keep supplying people who are drunk with more alcohol - and stop if you get to the 'yeah what the hell, hand me the bottle' stage - it's sad, not heroic
  • Have safe places to sleep available for those who have had too much to drive home - the pool airbed isn't one of them
  • Don't do peer pressure - people have lots of reasons not to drink, respect them
  • Say no if you don't want to drink, you don't need to say why
  • Don't mix alcohol with other drugs, prescribed or otherwise, it's a good way to get spectacularly sick and ruin the fun
  • Pace yourself - it's not a race.  Stick to less than 2 standard drinks per hour, less if you are smaller than average
  • Aim to feel relaxed, not totally uninhibited or out of control
  • Alcohol is a mood magnifier - best used to maximise a good mood, not deal to a bad one
  • Drink with people you like and trust.  Be kind if one has had too much and take care of them, it might be you next time
  • To reduce the dry horrors of hangovers, hydrate with non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night.  Water drunk early and often during the night is your best friend the following day.
  • And, it's OK to get help if you think you might have a drinking problem, it shows strength, not weakness, to do so.

Have fun.

Environmentally responsible brewing? Really?

We've heard of food miles, but what about drink miles?  A lot went into getting that French wine to your table, the cost of transporting it added significantly to your carbon foot-print, or "food-print".

Now imagine if you could measure your drink miles in meters?  We can with our home made mead - honey from the hives over the driveway, water from the roof, pinch of yeast, ta-da!  Or how about our blackberry wine - picked from weeds growing on the property to prevent more sprouting, rain water from the roof, although the sugar does come from Queensland... ahem.  Cider is even simpler with apples picked from the orchard and nothing else.  How smug are we with our carbon 'food-print'?  Pretty darn smug.

Are there local sources of fruit, yeast, water, sugar for you to brew from?  Of course there will be.  Get some fresh air and pick some, or support local growers and local markets.  It's possible to even make wine with dandelions, and they grow everywhere.  I can't vouch for whether it is any good.

Brew seasonal fruit.  Apples in autumn, feijoas and kiwifruit in winter, plums in summer.  Fruit picked at it's prime and preserved in one of the most delicious and long lasting ways.  There is no reason to choose imported fruit from the other hemisphere out of season.  Not only is seasonal fruit at its freshest, it is cheapest when in season too, as if you needed another justification to brew - 'I'm saving money and the planet, I'm so chuffed, I think I'll have a glass of something'.

And of course, don't drink and drive.  You'll spill your drink.  If you've had more than the legal limit, stay off the road, you'll also be reducing pollution (bring on the self-driving EV's!) and reducing the chance of harm to yourself and others directly and indirectly.

Bee on bottlebrush copyright Jackie Thomas-Teague

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